2019 Top TV Trends

We know that we keep hearing industry experts annually predict the demise of TV advertising, the reality is it isn't going anywhere. TV is a $212 billion advertising market that is growing and thriving. We are seeing a shift in how we buy and measure the media but the platform is still here.

Here are some of the top trends this year

1. We will continue to see data-enabled and Audience-based TV advertising increase rapidly

2. More companies are getting on board with combining response-driven data with impression data to have a more fact-based approach to TV measurement

3. Using response data for creative testing to ensure creatives resonate rather than just look good

4. TV and Digital will continue to become less siloed as OTT viewing changes the landscape

5. Lifetime Value of customers will become a more relevant KPI as measurement becomes more sophisticated

6. Advertisers will continue to demand more transparency from their agencies and partners

7. Automated and programmatic buying will become more of the golden standard as more networks and platforms offer the service at more affordable CPM’s

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