Need Scale? TV is still king!

Where else can you reach this large an audience at one time? 120 million TV homes in the US are within your reach and can receive your message simultaneously depending on your media buy.

You need the reach of TV in order to be seen by a large audience in a short period of time. If your campaign is successful, TV is the only medium that lets you scale your exposure almost instantaneously.

Not all demographics use social media at the same frequency as TV. If reliant on social media and digital only, you will have to buy multiple platforms to attain a similar reach to TV.

Recall and retention numbers on social media and digital ads are negligible in comparison to TV. Unbridled use of pop-ups and pre-rolls have left the consumer weary and unengaged on digital platforms.

TV viewers are still more engaged and more likely to trust the advertising message they get served than social/digital viewers. Scale on TV can produce direct response results only achieved on social media when ads go viral (which almost none of them do.)

Allow the Megabite team to assess your current marketing efforts and produce a pathway to scaling your business through the power of TV. Contact us today!

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