TV advertising boosts your business credibility like no other medium

Anyone can advertise on social and digital without being vetted but not on TV. TV requires clearance by TV Station S&P legal teams and substantiation has to be provided for any claims made. If your product is on TV, it has already passed a substantial legitimacy hurdle. Potential customers rate marketing messages on TV as more trustworthy than those received through other channels.

TV advertising demonstrates that your product/brand is legitimate. “Household names” are created with the backing of TV. Mass recognition on this level has not been achieved without TV advertising. How many “household name” companies can you name that are not advertising on TV?

Small and medium sized brands can enter the TV market for surprisingly low upfront investments and bask in the glow of the respectability lent by having their name on TV whilst at the same time growing their customer base and monitoring the actual ROI.

A misconception of DRTV is that it relies almost exclusively on overnight and remnant inventory. Almost all stations offer inventory in prime time, sporting events and any number of high-profile airtimes. DRTV rubs shoulders with the biggest brands all the time.

Don’t hate the TV players, learn the game.

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